4 spices that taste great AND are super healthy

Black pepper

One of the most popular spices and an ingredient in almost all dishes is black pepper. It tastes wonderful and contains large doses of essential vitamins and minerals.

For example, vitamin K, iron, copper, manganese.  


Ginger is also a popular spice and often used in Asian cuisine. It is a very versatile spice and tastes good also in desserts.

Ginger is often recommended against nausea and is sold as a supplement.

More about ginger (danish link).


We all know that chili is hot hot hot, but chili also has a number of health benefits.

Chili contains capsaicin that is used analgesic.  


The yellow root can be used fresh in juice or dried and ground in curries and rice dishes. Often turmeric is the ingredient providing the beautiful yellow colour in curry blends. Turmeric contains the substance curcumin which have been the object of many studies within the last couple of years partly because of it containing large amounts of antioxidants.

Why cancer scientists are interested in turmeric (danish link).