Golden Turmeric Times

Turmeric is a root that is related to ginger and galanga. It is mainy used ground and in savory dishes. It has a characteristic deep yellow which also gives the colour to curry.

Whole dried turmeric is very hard, so if you don't want to grate it into your food, you can soak it in water overnight, during which time it becomes soft again.

Many people have been asking for whole, dried turmeric roots at Torvehallerne, and we have a good stock imported direct from India. We thought it would be useful and timely to make a special offer for our friends and supporters, so during January and February, we are giving you the chance to save 80.- if you buy 300g of whole roots here.

Smoothie with turmeric?
We normally make a morning smoothie with fruits, yoghurt and spices. This is a simple suggestion for a quick smoothie. Feel free to use your favourite ingredients.

It doesn't take a lot of ingredients and is a lovely vitamin packed breakfast or a filling snack.

Morning smoothie with turmeric


2 dl yoghurt naturel
1/2 banana
1 handful blueberries (frozen or fresh)
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 nip vanilla powder
2 cm fresh ginger

Blitz all the ingredients and taste with honey according to your taste.