Szechuan Pepper - numbing deliciousness

Szechuan Pepper 
has a unique flavour and smell and is named after the province of Szechuan, located in central China. Szechuan Pepper is well known for being a key ingredient in Szechuanese cuisine's most famous dishes, including Kung Pao Chicken and Mapo Tofu. Szechuan Pepper is also a very important part of the Chinese spice mix Five Spice.

Szechuan Pepper is not spicy like chili, but has notes of citrus and gives a very special sensation on the lips and tongue. Another name for it is "numbing pepper", which describes the sensation very well.

New studies have shown that the molecules of the Szechuan Pepper react with our cells and gives a tingling sensation that is almost identical to the sensation of quick vibrations. The numbness that it offers is not unpleasant and rather adds to your sense of taste and gets your blood pumping. 

Try Szechuan Pepper next time you cook Chinese food, or in any stir fry dish where the peppercorns have to be sauteed quickly in hot oil.

In China the peppercorns are left behind on the plate, as they lend lots of flavour to the dish without being eaten. Szechuan Pepper's notes of citrus makes it exciting to play with in the kitchen - right now we are considering making an ice cream flavoured with the numbing, lemony pepper. 

Our Szechuan Pepper is certified organic and directly imported from China. You can buy it in Torvehallerne and right here. Enjoy!